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About Flowers and Healing
Just as Reiki, Crystal and Stones, and other forms of holistic medicine heal through vibratory energy, healing with flowers is one of the oldest and purest forms of healing your body mind and spirit.  

From the imperial sacred mountains of Tibet to ancient Egypt, flowers have been used to heal and thought to contain magical powers bestowed upon us by the gods. To modern day, Buddhists believe in the spiritual essence of healing by simply laying a flower on pure water in the light of the sun or moon. Buddha once said that if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole lives would change. 

Flowers provide natural color and aroma that brings harmony to the body mind and soul through therapeutic essence and relaxes our spirit. The color of flowers is as important as the aroma and beauty if gives. (see Crystal and Stone Healing for a list of colors and what they mean)

TIGER LILY: (Liliaceae) 21 March – 19 April. Under the sign of Aries

A natural born leader, born to leave a mark. Tiger Lily aims to achieve greatness and make an impact. They are dazzling and theatrical in their beauty. Tiger Lily symbolizes courage & determination. They are frivolous with money, but romantic and adoring. The essence of Tiger Lily promotes happy feelings, and helps overcome feelings of loss and broken hearts. Can calm the spirit, lower blood pressure and relieve water retention. Good for helps in healing broken bones and ailments to the head.  

MAGNOLIA: (Magnoliaceae) 20 April – 20 May. Under the sign Taurus

A slow but magnificent thinker, who recognizes quality. They are calm and loving. The Magnolia does not want to be uprooted once it is settled. It is a flower of sensuality, art and massage. They are shrewd investors. Physically they do not complain to the point of heorism. The essence of Magnolia helps in healing the throat, as they symbolize vocal expression. It helps with respiratory problems, and anything associated to the lungs. Also very good for digestion.

PASSION FLOWER: 21 May – 20 June. Gemini

A restless and dazzling personality, that oozes charm and wit. It is a flower of the borad-minded and versatile personalities. They have insatiably curiousity. The flower of dexterity, and often stay youthful through life. Finances are difficult to maintain due to expensive taste. The essence of Passion Flower is vigorous and strong. It promotes positive thinking and opens us to love. As a natural relaxant it reduces stress, sooths the nervous system, and empowers us to live.  

LOTUS: (Nymphaeaceae) 21 June – 22 July. Cancer

A sensitive, complex and exquisite bloom. It is the symbol of higher consciousness. Prone to dreaming life away, in the quiet confines of their safe place. Deeply in love is where they are happiest. This flower will damage easy from the hustle and bustle of life, and requires constant nourishment. Financial solid because security is so important. The essence of Lotus can promote enlightenment, bring clarity, and peaceful feelings. The lotus also supports digestion, common colds and anemia.  

SUNFLOWER: (Asteraceae) 23 July – 22 August. Leo

Beaming of kindness and loyality, it revels in its own glory and stardom. They are dramatic and have a great need for attention. This flower is strong, exuding great warmth and sex appeal. Spenders on cloths and beauty can cause them concern with finances. The essence of Sunflower draws upon the heavens energy healing, that lives on even through its seed. It promotes survival and spiritual growth. Its properties will attack viruses and high fevers.  

TULIP: (liliaeae) 23 August – 22 September. Virgo

Gentle and refined, it is a deep and compassionate heart. Perfect and appealing, they conservative and dignified. Thrifty with a dollar, and healthy back account, however they are prone to worry. A passionate and warm soul. The essence of Tulip is the miracle flower that heals gently, promotes self love, and nurtures our spirit. Excellent for the medicine cabinet, and nourishes the digestive system and sooths the nerves.  

ROSE: (Rosaceae) 23 September – 22 October. Libra

Refined and romantic, it glows and blushes at the softest touch. Oversensitvity can cause prickliness. Admiration and devotion are nourishing to the Rose. Sophisticated and intriguing, the Rose will oppose you, and defend you with honour. Occasionally they can lavish on beauty but astute financial for the most part. The essence of Rose is a love herb, and brings a feeling of peace to those who suffer from past abuses and feel vulnerable. It reduces stress, and helps sleep. Good for back problems, skin, heart, kidneys and liver.  

CACTUS FLOWER: (Cactaceae) 23 October – 21 November. Scorpio

Magnetic and mysterious, it is the flower of enthusiasm and secrets. They are general successful when they set out to do something. Nothing shocks a Cactus Flower, soaking up as much knowledge as they can. This flower is passionate, intense and emotional. The essence of Cactus Flower has powerful healing properties. Can help with the digestive system and lower abdominal area.  

BIRD OF PARADISE: (Strelitziaceae) 22 Noveber – 21 December. Sagittarius

Happy Go Lucky,delights and brightens your day. It is open and generous, yet poised and elegant. It reaches out to spiritual growth, and enjoys philosophical matters. A wild flower at heart, they are natural gamblers. Sensual, honest and aventurous. The essence of the Bird of Paradise can help with joints and reproduction, and increases energy and metabolism.  

CHRYSANTHEMUM: (Asteraceae) 22 December – 19 January. Capricorn

The Endurance of time does not easly take this flower. Often successful and very extravagant, but cautious and a planner. They are loyal and stand firm on their beliefs. They are affectionate, faithful and sincere. The essence of Chrysanthemum can give strength and courage in times of illness or stress. It is good for respiratory, allergies and coughing. Can also be used for arthritis.  

ORCHID (Orchidacease) 20 January – 18 February. Aquarius

Flourishing and caring deeply, they inspire others. They are clever and unblemished by hardship. They are adventurous and hold magical elegance, considered stunning and yet not confident. They crave a world of rainbows and tranquility. Faithful and loyal, dependable and thoughtful. Does not like debt and therefore is careful. The essence of Orchid provides stability and nurtures mental health, and can also be used to inspire sensual feelings.

POPPY: (Papaveraceae) 19 February – 20 March. Pisces

A compassionate bloom that offers sympathy and understanding to those around them. Artistic and a mystic dreamer. They live in a fantasy. They can have addictive tendencies that stems from hurts that must be combated. They enjoy indulgence and can be wild. Loving, magical, vulnerable and affectionate. The essence of Poppy is gentle and is best used to strengthen the body slow and steady. Opium is known as Poppy tears.

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